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Allye's Sketchbook

Oh, the places we've seen.

Allye Shhoiyvvhur'Slo
12 March
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Just a simple Prydaen adventurer with a Pry-Elf adopted sister, a S'kra Mur father, Events command of the best Order in the Realms, and a penchant for painting boulders. Her interests include being the Confectioner Tyrant of Green Team and the dogged pursuit of science. She doesn't know anything about exploding baby snow clams, and who told you otherwise? Was it Leucius? I bet it was Leucius.

She's going to rot your teeth with a saccharine sweet baby monster wardrobe and a collection of themed houses.
doing backflips, exploring, making ingots, mining, order of the apostles, pilgrimages, science, swimming